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We Don't Make Hats.

We Make Hats Incredible.

CappedHeads lets you showcase your ingenuity and create the perfect custom hat design for your next event or brand promotion. Whether you are advertising your business or advocating a cause, we provide tips and resources to help you craft your brand.

From Concept to Launch:

Our Team's Comprehensive Approach

Ready to make your vision a reality? We're here to help. From choosing the right material to selecting the best color, we want you to be part of the entire process.

Start with a clear concept

Decide what idea or message you want your unique hat to convey before you start creating it. Think about your target market and the look that would appeal to them the most.

Choose your hat style

We have an assortment of headwear, including snapbacks, beanies, bucket hats, and more. Pick a hat style that will go well with the sort of event or marketing you are organizing.

Select your colors

Your custom hats' color scheme is an essential component of your design. Select hues that are in keeping with the season and the vibe of your occasion or business.

Pick your font

The font you choose for your custom hats can make all the difference in how your message is conveyed. Opt for a clear and legible font that accurately represents the tone and feel of your event or brand.

Need a Quick Design Adjustment?

We’re On Top Of It!

We can assist you if changes need to be made to the submitted design. Simply let us know what modifications you'd like to see when you're ready to proceed with the checkout process, and we'll make adjustments after your purchase is placed. 

You can check out the finalized layout when we provide you with the final design proofs for your approval.

Consider customization options

Choose the one that most closely fits your design concept and target market. Here are some of the most popular printing methods used to create personalized hats.

Direct-to-garment printing (DTG)

commonly referred to as digital printing, is a printing method that involves sprinkling ink directly onto a hat to produce an intricate and colorful design. Although it has significant restrictions, it may be used to print tiny drawings or pictures. 

Mesh and textiles with irregular textures, like those used for hats, don't print as well as other types of cloth, and design files that are too vast or excessively complicated might lower the print quality.

Screen printing

is a printing technique that involves pressing ink directly onto the hat using a mesh stencil. It creates consistent, high-quality prints, making it perfect for high-volume printing. 

However, it has significant drawbacks, such as the need for a stencil for each color and ineffectiveness for small patterns. Smaller patterns may be distorted or hard to see, and multicolored images may yield less accurate results.


is a technique that involves sewing a design onto a hat with thread. It is long-lasting and perfect for design components like text and logos. 

It does have certain drawbacks, though, such as the inability to produce brilliant colors and good results with some materials. Choosing three (3) colors at most is recommended for this style. Additionally, hats may get a little heavier due to embroidered patterns, which might affect how comfortable they are.

Heat Transfer Printing

is a method of transferring a design from a printed sheet onto a hat with heat and pressure. It produces excellent results with vivid colors, making it perfect for multicolored patterns.

However, if the design file is of poor quality, the resolution of the design may suffer. Furthermore, this approach might not be appropriate for designs with fine details or text.

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